Reader Interaction

What are you doing to be green?

Earth Day is April 22. At home or in the community, what are you doing to be more green? This can be as simple as unplugging electronics at night and turning the water off when you brush your teeth. Or it could be a project on a larger scale. Please share any tips to help the community be more environmentally friendly.

Football: Is it worth the cost of the players' health?

Football is hard on a player's body. On top of the physical strain that comes with playing any intensive sport, football is linked to brain injuries. In an April 11 press release from the American Academy of Neurology, they state that more than 40 percent of retired National Football League players have signs of traumatic brain injury (TBI). This is evidence found from a recent study they’ve conducted, which they'll present in full at the American Academy of Neurology’s 68th annual meeting later this month.

How do you spring clean?

It is a customary tradition to "spring clean" as soon as the sun hangs longer in the sky and the air starts to become toasty. Everyone has their own method of shooing out the dust bunnies and clearing out the cobwebs, so how do you clean for spring? Got any tips or tricks that help the process? What do you consider the biggest hassle and what chore is the most rewarding?

Will GMO labeling make a difference at the store?

In response to a 2014 law from Vermont, food products that contain genetically-engineered ingredients must have labeling beginning July 1. Candy maker Mars has started to include the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMO) on its candy and chocolate packaging. General Mills announced that consumers will begin to see GMO labeling on their products soon.

Do you believe the change in labeling will alter consumer consumption?

Your thoughts on Donald Trump

Presidential candidate hopeful Donald Trump is very close to winning the Republican GOP nomination. Whether you're Republican, Democrat, Independent or a non-voter, what are your thoughts on Trump? He has received a lot of negative feedback from news medias and other members of his own Republican party, but it's clear that a lot of Americans like him since he continues to win delegates. What are your thoughts? Do you support Trump? If so, tell us why. Does he scare you? If so, tell us why.

WATVs will be an option in Colville after March 7

Colville City Council approved the use of WATVs in Colville, which you can see the details of in our March 2 issue. Do you think many people will take advantage of this new ordinance? Do you foresee any problems, or do you think it's about time state laws allowed for Colville to join Kettle Falls and Chewelah in the alternative vehicle games?

Marijuana zoning regulations

Stevens County Land Services and the County Commissioners are in the midsts of discussing the zoning regulations for marijuana production, whether medical or recreational. Up for consideration is the prohibition of the production and processing of marijuana in Stevens County on parcels containing less than five acres in industrial zones, rural agriculture zones 5, 10 and 20, agricultural residential zone 10, NR forest zones and NR agricultural zones. This would not apply to marijuana produced or processed for personal medical use.

To nominate or not to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice?

In wake of Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing, do you think President Obama should leave the nomination of the new Supreme Court Justice to the next president, or should he make the nomination to fill the position sooner? Please explain your reasoning.

Animal influences

For a lot of people, animals are a huge part of their life. Whether it's a loyal dog who waits for them to get home every night, a cat who always keeps them company when reading, a bird whose tweeting tune is their favorite, or a horse who appears giddy whenever they pull out a saddle. Animals don't have to be our pet, and they don't even have to be domesticated, to influence us. Care to share a story about an animal that has impacted your life?

What's missing?

What do you think your city/town is missing, and how do you think the community would benefit from having it?