Reader Interaction

2016 Olympics in Rio, your thoughts?

The 2016 Summer Olympics is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is the first South American city to host the Summer Olympic games, the first games to be held in a Portuguese-speaking country and it's the first time the Summer Games will be held during the host country's winter season. The games last from Aug. 5 to Aug. 21.

What are your thoughts on the location of the Olympics this year? Do you think it'll be a good experience for the athletes? How much of an impact do you think it will have on Rio's economy? And will you be following the games?

Anyone playing Pokémon GO?

Anyone in the Tri-County area playing Pokémon GO? If you are, we'd love to know about your experience! What Pokémon have you found and where? What is your favorite Pokémon that you've caught? Where is the best PokéStop?

What are your thoughts on the FBI's recommendation to not charge Hillary Clinton?

United States FBI Director James Comey announced on July 5 that he would not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of private email servers while secretary of state. At the same time, he criticized Hillary and her aids for being "extremely careless." Comey is quoted as saying, "Only a very small number of the emails containing classified information bore markings indicating the presence of classified information.

What's your opinion on Britain voting to leave the European Union?

What's your opinion on Britain voting to leave the European Union? Do you think this move will benefit Britain in the long run? How do you foresee this move changing Europe as a whole?

What are your summer plans?

Now that school is officially out and summer is officially here, what are your plans for the next three months? Going on a trip? Planning an event? Soaking in the pool everyday? Tell us about it!

Your reaction to the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S.?

Orlando, Florida may be nearly 3,000 miles away, but the tragedy last Sunday, the deadliest mass shooting ever in the United States, impacts all of us on some level.

Were you surprised when you heard about the shooting?
Do you think the carnage might have been lessened if patrons in the nightclub had been armed?
Who do you think should be held accountable, if anyone?

Thoughts on the current state of the Northeast Tri-County Health District

In its current state, do you think the Northeast Tri-County Health District is serving its purpose? How do you feel about the programs that have been cut over the years?

Need to know more background information? Check out the June 8 edition of the Statesman-Examiner.

How do you plan to spend your Memorial Day weekend?

Will you be visiting gravesides, camping, throwing a party or relaxing at home? Are you stuck working? Share your plans!

What are your pet peeves?

Does loud gum chewing or slow driving make your blood boil? Tell us what gets under your skin! And if you're curious, keep an eye out for next week's Katie's Corner on pet peeves.

Is there such a thing as too much preparation?

Do you believe students are mostly being taught to test in schools? If so, how do you think it affects a student's education?