Volunteers needed for Keller House Christmas display

S-E Staff Reporter

December is coming

As Colville’s historical Keller House Museum undergoes repairs on the outside (see Sept. 14 edition of the S-E), the Stevens County Historical Society is already wondering how they’ll decorate the inside for Christmas.

“One of the really true events [at the museum] that people look forward to is the Keller House Christmas display,” said Historical Society President Dennis Vaagen. “The house gets decorated and people play music.”

Museum volunteers have often focused their decorating on a central theme.

Last year’s theme was “coming home for Christmas,” according to Vaagen. Mannequins were dressed in military uniforms, and pictures of different service men adorned walls and flat surfaces.

“It’s a big project,” noted Vaagen.

A project of this scale needs volunteers.

The Historical Society is asking for volunteers to help make this special event grandiose and memorable for the community and tourists alike.

At any given time, the museum requires 20 to 25 volunteers to operate.

“We’ve had many, many days up here where the doors didn’t open because there’s no volunteers,” said Vaagen.

The Historical Society has been working to advertise the museum and park, but as Vaagen pointed out, it doesn’t help to advertise if the doors aren’t open.
Now for the Christmas event, the Historical Society could use every available hand.

Along with regular volunteers, the entire event still needs a coordinator. A coordinator would be in charge of organizing the other volunteers and making sure the display as a whole is cohesive. This is a position Vaagen said he would like to see filled soon.

The museum’s Christmas display needs to be completed in November, but organizing the event needs to get done in mid-October, which Vaagen noted “is not that far off.”

Open house is the first week in December.

Anyone can volunteer: people who like decorating, people who enjoy history and people who just want to be apart of a project.

If interested, call the Stevens County Historical Society at (509) 684-5968. If no one answers, leave a message.

As seen in the Statesman-Examiner.