Teen designs pump track for Colville kids

Courtesy photo
Mel Anderson
S-E Staff Reporter

Carson Vandegriffe, a fifteen-year-old Colville resident, has a passion for biking.

“He’s been an avid biker since he was old enough to ride a bike,” Peggy Vandegriffe, Carson’s mom, said.

Vandegriffe is taking his personal hobby to the next level. He wants to build a pump track in Colville for kids and adults alike.

“A pump track is a continuous loop of dirt berms and rollers that you can ride without pedaling your bike,” Vandegriffe said.

Vandegriffe has done research on building a pump track. Besides library research, he’s traveled to many cities across the country to see the best practices in building and maintaining a public pump track. Vandegriffe took his knowledge and planning to the Colville City Council in February.

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