Political signs vandalized in Colville last week

Staff Writer

A frustrated Susan Fleischman of Kettle Falls brought defaced yard signs for Trump and Culp into the Statesman-Examiner office last week.

She had given the original signs to her friend, Carol Koch, who lives at the corner of First and Maple Streets in Colville. During the night of Oct. 3, someone stole the signs and then brought them back painted with left-wing messages.

“If u suport rump ur a white supremacist,” was written on one of the signs, along with, “BLM,” and “ACAB,” acronyms for Black Lives Matter and a derogatory reference to police on the other.

Fleischman has a message for the culprits: “These signs represent the American way of life and what this country was founded on. It is not acceptable to physically walk onto someones property uninvited, take two signs, paint them with terrorist slogans, and then bring them back. I would never consider doing the same to you. Forceful compliance in the dark of night is not my way.”

Colville Police Chief Robert Mesheshnik said the act was malicious mischief that could find the perpetrator, if caught, facing potential jail time and a fine for breaking the law. “Please respect other people's views and property during the political season,” he asks. Fleischman has replaced the signs that were vandalized in Koch's yard.