Players Now Casting “What is Susan's Secret?”

Park Avenue Players announced its spring production, “What is Susan’s Secret,” an American farce written by Michael and Susan Parker. The play is slated for May 26-28 and June 3 and 4.

“What better to follow on the heels of an invisible rabbit loosed in the community, than asking theater-goers to figure out Susan’s secret?” laughed Cheri Freeman, referring to the Players’ last production, “Harvey.”

A long-time Park Avenue Player, Freeman will direct “Susan’s Secret,” and is calling for auditions for the comic roles not yet cast in this rollicking play.

Auditions are scheduled for 6 p.m. on March 20 and 21, at the Third Street Mall in the room on the North 3rd Street side of the building.

Freeman supplied these answers to questions she said are commonly asked: “How much experience do I need?” None. “What do I need to bring to an audition?”

Nothing. “I don’t want to act, is there anything else I can do?” Yes, lots. “Will it be fun?” The most you’ll ever have.

The play centers on the Cider Mill Inn, an old, rustic and somewhat rundown country inn, owned and operated by an endearing elderly couple, Michael and Susan Edwards. At first they appear to be bordering on senility. Play-goers quickly learn, however, that they are very clever con artists, preying on their unsuspecting guests.

The other characters vary from the world's most boring man, (his wife says he's had charisma-bypass surgery), to a young couple on their honeymoon.

According to Freeman, audiences will fall in love with each of these distinctive characters, especially Michael and Susan who are in a loving relationship.

To fill these roles, variously aged males and females are needed.

This unique play offers the opportunity for the other twelve characters (besides Susan and Michael) to be played by either two males and two females, or twelve different actors, or any number in-between.

How Freeman decides to cast those roles will largely depend on who auditions.

So, what is Susan's secret? On this subject the authors remain silent, preferring instead to let the audience guess the truth, which is only revealed in the last few seconds of the show.

“We invite you to join the fun,” said Freeman. “Become part of this production and – who knows? – you may be one of the first to discover Susan’s secret.”

Questions about auditioning or otherwise participating in this play can be directed to Freeman at (509) 935-6681 or (I509) 675-1350.