Out of the Past

Richard Willner
Staff Writer

193 plus Years Ago - 1825
Fort Colvile, (The first Fort Colville was spelled with only one "L") established in 1825 by the Hudson's Bay Company, stood in an expansive prairie immediately east of Kettle Falls. The fort was largely self-sufficient, with up to 340 acres of cultivated land, and about twenty buildings. Visitors described the fort as a place of refinement and hospitality in the wilderness. Provisions in the Treaty of 1846 between the United States and Great Britain had allowed the Hudson's Bay Company to continue occupying the post in American territory. The Company finally abandoned Fort Colvile in 1871.
110 Years Ago - 1908
Colville Opera House - High-class animated pictures, illustrated songs, pictures that do not flicker or jump; 45 minutes of first-class entertainment; clean, wholesome, inoffensive. Price of admission only 10 cents.
100 Years Ago - 1918
Threshermen of Stevens county are responding splendidly to the movement of the food administration, making them members of the administration living up to regulations which mean better harvesting and conserving of grain. Those threshermen who have been sent certificates so far include Ham Brothers, St. Francis Regis Mission, H.F. Moser, Penzig Brothers, G.W. Brewer, Chas. Auberlin and George Hall.
The Colville river dam, which has been closed up recently due to farmers diverting the water for irrigation purposes, is again open. Farmer have flooded their lands in this way when the dry weather had threatened to ruin their crops. Colville and Chewelah both suffered from the lack of current. The dam has been opened and current flow as usual has resulted.
85 Years Ago - 1933
A piece of timber from the Marcus railroad bridge across the Columbia river is being used in the Colville Valley National bank building. The timber is being placed down the center of the lobby ceiling from the front door to the rear to give support to the second floor of the building. It is a 9x18 inch timber, 45 feet in length, and was cut from one of the 75-foot timbers used in the old Marcus bridge which was partially destroyed by fire some years ago.
Colville's Haun Hardware & Implement Co. is the home for a family of four, little six-pawed kittens and their proud mother. The black, bright eyed, little kittens, are now several weeks old and normal in every respect except their front paws, each of which is double.
75 Years Ago - 1943
Mrs. H.W. Mann killed a large rattlesnake at the ranch on Mill creek last week. The rattler had nine rattles and a button.
Kettle Falls-The St. Regis mission started to cut its fall wheat.
65 Years Ago - 1953
A new tugboat mounted on a trailer passed through Colville, headed for log-rafting duty on Lake Roosevelt. The tug was built at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and was transported to the lake by Deer Park Pine Industries, which annually rafts about 10,000,000 feet of logs on the lake.
New census figures for local municipalities are listed as follows; Chewelah: 1683; Colville: 3600; Kettle Falls: 820; Marcus: 144; Northport: 604; Springdale: 265; Republic: 910; Cusick: 360; Metaline Falls: 603; Newport: 1447.

35 Years Ago - 1983
Nearly 200 square dancers will congregate this weekend in Colville for the annual Alpine Square Dance Festival. The festival is sponsored by the Colville square dance club, the Miss-N-Links.
Trend-setting fashions, constructed and modeled by 4-H members, were shown to the public, at the Stevens County 4-H Fashion Revue. Colleen Hoban of Kettle Falls, was judged to be the overall best entrant in the event. Miss Hoban wore her three-piece teal green suit.

25 Years Ago - 1993
Torrential rains have thrown harvests off schedule, but they have not dampened the popularity of the local farmers market. "What there is, is getting sold out really fast," stated market grower Alice Sullivan. In fact, “Coming early is getting to be the best way to find what a shopper wants,” says Joe Phillips, Market manager.
Colville K.I.P.S. Act 1 Drill and Dance Team members Tiffany Tripp, Karli Stewart, Stacy McConnell and Jessica Collins recently attended the Drill and Dance U.S.A. Camp in Tacoma. The girls received top superior awards in all camp evaluation areas.

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