Once Upon a Mattress takes stage this week

Woodland Theatre is gearing up for its spring musical Once Upon A Mattress, a rendition of Hans Christensen Anderson’s fairy tale The Princess and the Pea. Nancy Christopher, Woodland Theatre board member/director, said Woodland's version of the play follows the original 1959 scrip.

The musical is about a 15 century kingdom where no one can marry until Queen Aggrevain finds a suitable bride for her son, Prince Dauntless. It includes a plotting Queen, a cursed King, a confident princess and a colorful cast of characters.

There are 21 cast members and eight members in the orchestra pit. The orchestra pit, directed by Danny Cummings, features new talent.

The cast also has new faces gracing Woodland Theatre.

“Brandon Cadwll, who plays as Prince Dauntless the Drab, is new to the area but not new to the stage,” Christopher noted, adding that Once Upon A Mattress will be his first play on Woodland's stage.

Amie Schamberg, who plays as Princess Winifred the Woebegon, is also new to Woodland.

Christopher began working on the play during the 2016 summer. Set design began in December, overseen by the Stage Director Sean Taboloff. Taboloff has not only directed plays at Woodland Theatre, like last year's Adams Family, but he's also an actor. Taboloff will play the minstrel in Once Upon A Mattress.

Taboloff's genius has designed a stage that can transform into six different scenes, according to Christopher. He also worked on many of the props and decorations adorning the castle.

Tickets for this light-hearted comedy are on sale at Main Street Floral 104 N. Main, Colville and will be sold at the door.

“They're reserved seats so you can pick out which one you want,” noted Christopher. “That way you can show up five minutes before curtain and know your seat is waiting for you.”

Show dates are March 3-5, 11-13, 17-19. For March 3 and 17 only, all seats will be $10. All other night’s tickets are $12 for seniors/students and adults are $15.