NE Washington national reps re-elected

Cathy McMorris Rodgers secured re-election with 55.96-percent voter support.
Aaron Andrews

Last night, the national representatives for Northeastern Washington were all re-elected.
Incumbent Republican U.S. Congressional District 5 Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers secured her re-election with 55.96-percent voter support, beating Lisa Brown 103,545 votes to 81,483.
“Thank you for standing alongside me, Brian, our three kids and our wonderful family,” Rodgers said. “I am incredibly proud and honored to serve you. And I look forward to keeping the momentum going and continuing to work hard to get results for the hardworking men and women in Eastern Washington.”
Dan Newhouse, incumbent U.S. Congressional District 4 representative, won re-election by a landslide with 65.4 percent voter support.
Incumbent Legislative District 7 State Rep. Joel Kretz won re-election with 68.07-percent voter support.
Incumbent Legislative District 7 State Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber secured re-election with 68.54-percent voter support.
U.S. Legislative District 7 State Senator Shelly Short secured re-election with 69.04-percent of the vote.
And while 68.09-percent of Stevens County voters cast their ballots in favor of Susan Hutchison (Rep.) for U.S. Senator, Maria Cantwell (Dem.) secured re-election with 58.6-percent statewide voter support.