Kettle Falls couple spread cheer though Christmas light display

Taylor Newquist
Sports Editor

Steve and Linda Bruchman have always loved Christmas.

They’ve been celebrating in their Kettle Falls home since 1978, when Linda’s parents owned the house. From watching their children gleam with excitement after Santa dropped gifts under the tree, to now with their grandchildren doing the same. The light display in their yard and driveway are a welcoming sign of the season right to their front door.

“It’s a way to shine a little bit of light into a lot of darkness,” Steve said.

The Bruchmans have lights strung around their house and several set-ups that include reindeer, a snowman, a sleigh-ride, two Christmas trees and a nativity scene that is in prominent view outside of their kitchen window.

“We’re traditional Christians and believe that is the reason for the season,” Steve said. “It’s symbolic of the starting of new hope and we adhere to that set of principles.”

While the lights glow bright in the dark night outside of Kettle Falls, they’re far from overwhelming in number. The Bruchmans said they always have a positive response from their neighbors. Steve said if he had to credit anyone it would be his mother who always said, “the smallest good deed is better than any grand intention.”

“We have retirees around us,” Steve said “They see us at the mailbox and say to us, ‘It’s so nice to have lights, we really enjoy looking out the window and seeing the lights.’ Not that we’re any great good deed doers, but do what you can. The small things in life are usually what matter the most.”

The Bruchmans used to set up their lights with their children when they were younger, while Steve does it on his own now, he can do it at his leisure as he retired a couple of years ago.
In total it takes him between 3-5 days to put together.