Judge rules in favor of Stevens County District Court

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Mel Anderson
S-E Staff Reporter

In a ruling handed down Wednesday, Lincoln County Superior Court Judge John F. Strohmaier decided that District Court Judge Gina Tveit was correct to refuse to file documents signed by superior court in district court proceedings.

The discord began in early February when the Stevens County Superior Court announced they would hear all in-custody appearances, including cases arising from Stevens County District Court. An in-custody appearance is a situation where a person has been arrested and is in the county jail. The courts have 48 hours to read the person their rights and decide whether there is enough evidence to keep that person in jail.

Traditionally, all in-custody hearings were held in district court. In September, the superior court decided to hear all felony in-custody hearings in superior court. Felonies are strictly in the prevue of superior court. Then in February, the superior court decided they would also hear all misdemeanor in-custody hearings. Misdemeanors are handled by the district court.

According to the arguments held on the February 28, the superior court also attempted to manage Tveit’s court schedule, dictating when she would be in court in which cases.

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