Jones' journey reaches Alaska

The rigs at the Alaska border.  BOB JONES | ContributedExert from Jones: This raven landed on my hood as I was clearing customs into Alaska. It moved onto my rear-view mirror as the agent was interviewing me.  "No, I don't have any pets!" BOB JONES | Contributed

This is an ongoing story, the first of the dairies was published in the Sept. 27 edition of the Statesman-Examiner. Each week since there's been an update.

Bob Jones, 78, is driving along the Alaskan Highway in honor of its 75th anniversary.

Jones rode on the highway for the 25th and 50th anniversaries, and has made it his goal to take his 1942 Dodge Caravan, built for WWII, along for the 75th.

On the ninth day, rain showered Jones' journey. He made it passed Whitehorse before calling it a night at the Pine Lake Provincial Campground.M

Day 11: Alaska Highway Diary
Thursday, September 28, 2017
Pine Creek Campground at Haines to Beaver Creek, Yukon
200 miles.

The sun peeped up over the low ridge adjacent to my camp right at 9 a.m. The days are getting noticeably shorter as I travel north and west.

I drove out of the campground under beautiful blue skies and a temperature of 36 degrees. The campground was only a few miles into Haines Junction, which explained the good cell service I found last night.

I was on the search for the little bakery where Scott and Ken and I had a terrific lunch back in 1992. I had a hunch where it might be, but no luck. A guy in a service truck came by and I flagged him down. “Can you tell me if your great little bakery is still in business?” He said it was, but they had closed down for the winter on September 10th. Darn!

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