Fire support unit strengthens Stevens County Fire Department

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Mel Anderson
S-E Staff Reporter

When firefighters go out on calls they’re faced with physically and emotionally demanding activities in dangerous situations and don’t often have time to take care of basic personal necessities like food and water.

That’s where the Stevens County Fire District 1 Support Services Unit comes in.

“We’ve been really blessed here,” Fire Chief Mike Bucy said. “Few firehouses are able to have a support services unit and ours is dedicated.”

The support services unit, a team of volunteers, responds to all fires, day or night regardless of weather conditions to take care of firefighters.

Beth Smith spent a year volunteering with the support services unit.

“We were packed up in the back of a remodeled ambulance, sometimes on icy roads, and we couldn’t see out the windows,” Smith said. “It was so rewarding.”

The support services unit brings area firefighters snacks, meals, warm blankets and cold beverages.

“The fire victims have red cross, but the firefighters didn’t have anyone and they’re out there in extreme conditions doing an amazing service,” Smith said.

Being a member of the support services unit is physically and emotionally taxing.

“I went to a fire where someone lost their life,” Smith said. “I was heartbroken.”

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