Fairbanks, the other 'official end' of the Alaska Highway

BOB JONES | Contributed
S-E Staff Reporter

On the 13th day of Jones' trip he finally reached Alaska, and what he considers the official end of the Alaska Highway. Two locations claim the end however, there's Delta Junction and Fairbanks, Alaska. With his daughter at his side, Jones made his way to Fairbanks at the start of October.

Day 14: Alaska Highway Diary
Sunday, October 1, 2017
Library at Delta Junction to the Turtle Club Parking Lot in Fox
98 miles to Fairbanks

The library at Delta Junction was quiet and had the best wireless of the trip. I spent four hours sending my diaries and photos to Katie at the Statesman-Examiner.

My thermometer read plus 24 degrees at 9 a.m. I always try to point my hood ornament toward the east when I camp in cold weather, that puts the early morning sun on the windshield, which melts the frost off and serves to get a little solar power into the cab. The method worked perfectly this morning. By the time I was ready to pull out the windshield was clear and dry. I hate scraping frost!

The 98 miles to Fairbanks went fine. Celebrating arriving at Mile 1533, the end of the line, would take place tomorrow.

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