District Court Judge Gina Tveit speaks out against allegations of wrong doing

 Mel Anderson | Statesman-Examiner
Mel Anderson
S-E Staff Reporter

The pending $2.5 million lawsuit against Stevens County for work crew sexual harassment may not be as straightforward as it originally appeared, especially where the district court is involved.

District Court Judge Gina Tveit refutes all claims that she acted inappropriately in the matter, and has the documentation to show it. The documentation spans from March 2015 to January 2018 when Tveit signed an order recusing herself from the case to avoid the appearance of bias.

A Stevens County organizational chart provided by Tveit shows that there is absolutely no supervision of the work crew program by the district court. The public works department interviews, hires and supervises the work crew supervisor, in this case Pat Walsh.

“Nadine Borders’ only job is to keep track once a week of who showed up for work crew and who didn’t,” Tveit said, denying that her court covered up sexual harassment.

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