Colville's Shewchuk family takes religious sculpture around the country

Staff Writer

It isn't every day that a life-size statue of Babylon the Great riding the seven-headed Beast with 10 horns going down the road, but that is not an uncommon sight in Colville.

“Where can I get one?” called a motorist driving by the trailer pulling the beast last week. Jason Shewchuk is the creator of the image that has been carved out of insulation foam to represent the symbolic figures of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelations in the Bible.

“We are trying to make people aware of what is in the prophecy; it's all symbolic,” he said.

The statue has been trailered across country twice, most recently at the Stop the Steal rally in Washington, D.C., to support former President Donald Trump. Everywhere the Shewchuk family of Colville takes the “Harlot and the Beast” they strike up conversations with people, who are encouraged to check out their website,

“We are trying to point people back to the Bible and tell them that the things they see happening right now are part of the prophecy,” said Shewchuk.

In Revelations 17:5, Babylon's full title is stated as Mystery, Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth. That female figure is portrayed as the embodiment of wealth, extravagance, luxury and ease that is thoroughly corrupt and evil, deceiving many on the earth. Above all, she orchestrates an ungodly spiritual system that promotes violence against the people of God, so her crimes match those of the beast she is astride.

Interpretations of the woman and the beast in the vision by John the Apostle have been interpreted by Biblical scholars as prophesies about some form of universal religion that will rapidly go from beloved to reviled by the world, and destroyed as a result. Babylon will lose her wealth and status and be torn apart by those who once supported her.

Shewchuk's rendering of the Biblical creature is about 12 feet long and sure to capture attention wherever it goes, which is exactly his point.