Colville's first baby of 2022, a wish for happiness

Stocking from Mount Carmel Hospital Auxiliary.
Statesman Staff
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Kai Zathrian Lopez Femiling made his grand arrival on January 4, 2022, weighing 7 pounds, 1 ounce, making him the first baby of 2022. Although not due until January 21, Kai decided to take things into his own hands and win the coveted first baby of the new year at Mount Carmel Hospital. Mom, Cris Femling, and Father Ryan Femling are glad to be home but say that Mount Carmel Hospital is the best place to have a baby. Their first night at home, the Femlings said, was nice and quiet, just like the way things should be. Kai is the center of their world, and both parents say their one wish for him, is to be happy.