Colville students experience Renaissance art firsthand

Courtesy Tracy Delyea
Katie Leithead
S-E Staff Reporter

When it comes to learning art, nothing beats an in-person experience. That’s why the Colville High School AP Art History class packed their bags and took a week long educational field trip over spring break.

This art class spends all year studying and exploring major artistic expressions throughout ancient history, including architecture, sculpture, painting and other medias. Then at the end of the school year students take an exam on the art set they’ve been learning about in order to obtain college credits.

Thanks to this trip, students agreed they feel even more prepared for their exam.

“I’m never going to forget the Colosseum was made in 80 A.D. because it has 80 doors,” AP student Cortney Schuh said, a fact she learned from a tour guide.

Their trip started in Verona, Italy after a 17 hour flight. The streets, though gorgeous, were crowded and a bit overwhelming. Art student Lauren Reichenbach said she could have filled her camera with photos. On top of the sheer number of people, most of them weren’t speaking English. There was a clear lack of what Americans consider manners, as people pushed and shoved their way along.

Reichenbach said she was underwhelmed with Verona.

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