Colville Sharks off to a great start

Staff Writer

Colville Valley Swim Club swam great in the first meet of the season in Trail, British Columbia. The Colville Sharks took 7th place overall in points and the following swimmers came home with medals; Allan McKeraghan took Boys division 3 Gold, Annie Keating took Girls division 7 Bronze, Alex Honeycutt took Boys division 7 Bronze, Mary Schultz took Girls division 8 Bronze and Danielle Friedman Cartledge took Girls division 8 Silver.
At the Nelson, British Columbia meet results had the Colville Sharks coming home with 14 First place ribbons, 12 second place ribbons, 11 third place ribbons, 5 fourth place ribbons, 4 fifth place ribbons, 5 sixth plates ribbons and as well as 6 participation ribbons. Colville took 7th overall as a team.
Sharks’ medalists were; Eva McKeraghan Bronze for girls division 2, Kendall Zawadzki Gold for girls division 3, Allan McKeraghan Bronze for boys division 3 and Mary Schultz Silver for girls division 8.