Colville Junior High School sports a new sign

MIKE LARIVIERE | Contributed
Teacher at CJHS

At the beginning of the school year, Colville Junior High School decided to :”spiffy up a little” and created the CJHS Beautification Committee. Ideas were gathered and were acted upon including writing a grant for some extra funds. The first project undertaken was to create a space on the exterior gym wall and have eighth grade students put up their class motto and colorful hand prints. It turned out a success!

The next project needed some help. Luckily we live in the type of community that is always ready to help. Thanks to Vaagen Brothers Lumber Company for the wood, and Bart Nelson for the metal and metal work, a new Colville Junior High entry sign was created. The sign is absolutely stunning!

There are more projects in waiting, think spring, including landscaping and an outside wall mural. For now though, a big thanks to Vaagen Brothers Lumber and an extra special one for Bart Nelson and his incredible work.