Collecting souvenirs of the past

BOB JONES | Contributed
S-E Staff Reporter

This is an ongoing story, the first of the dairies was published in the Sept. 27 edition of the Statesman-Examiner. Each week since there's been an update.

Bob Jones, 78, is driving along the Alaskan Highway in honor of its 75th anniversary.

Jones rode on the highway for the 25th and 50th anniversaries, and has made it his goal to take his 1942 Dodge Caravan, built for WWII, along for the 75th.

On the 16th day of Jones' trip he met up with an old friend on his return trip from Alaska. While he man be heading home, Jones is still traveling through historic and scenic parts of Canada.

Day 18: Alaska Highway Diary
Thursday, October 5, 2017
Pickhandle Lake Mile 1124 to Pine Lake Campground Mile 981
143 miles

We broke camp in a rain storm at 10 a.m. and headed south.

The country around Kluane Lake is so beautiful that it makes it very difficult to hurry through here.

We worked our way down to Burwash Landing and spent some time at the exhibits around the now-closed museum. And another trip to the abandoned Burwash Landing Lodge was a must-do.
I got a photo of a decaying boat on the shore with a group of migrating white swans in the background.For many years, prior to the building of the Alaska Highway, this old craft had been used to haul freight from Burwash Landing to Silver City over the 50-mile long Kluane Lake.

The entry to the old lodge featured a long series of directional posts, about three-feet tall and painted red with white tops, lining the road into and out of the lodge. Many of them had rotted off and had fallen over, so Kim and I loaded one of these broken ones for a souvenir.

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