City of Colville prepares for major construction projects

Staff Writer

The City of Colville is gearing up for two major construction projects this summer; redesign of the Astor and Main Street intersection and rehabilitation of 7th Avenue between Cedar and Madison streets.

In late February, the city council approved the use of funding from multiple reserve accounts for the two projects. For Main and Astor, $30,00 was taken out of the street reserve, $20,000 out of the stormwater reserve, and $480,000 (including a 5% contingency) from the water/sewer reserve.

The 7th Street work will be funded by $35,100 from the street reserve and $425,000 (includes 5% contingency) from the water/sewer reserve. The city received a $667,644 grant from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board for that work and the local reserve funds make up the required match.