Business feature: Sumner Physical Therapy sets itself apart with specialized training facility

Taylor Newquist
Sports Editor

Sumner Specialized Physical Therapy in Colville is the only one of its kind in Stevens County with a training facility to measure the progress of rehabilitating injuries.

Owner, Rob Sumner, purchased the 1,200 square foot building that now is filled with plyometric and weight training equipment, a turf area for quick lateral movements and
the ability to set up a batting cage for baseball and softball training.

“It has really opened the door for us to be able to help people in a greater capacity,” Sumner said. “To see if they’re ready to do all of their full functions.

“Instead of getting them close and saying, ‘I hope you’re ready to do these things on your own’, we can take them the whole way.”

The site also doubles as a 24-hour gym indefinitely offered to those recovering patients, though Sumner said the membership will cap out at about 60 members. Monthly fee for that access starts at $25 a month, with scaling increases for advanced programs and training instruction.

The office is much more than a training facility. Sumner, who is a board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist, doctor of physical therapy, licensed athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist, leads an expanding staff with different forms of expertise.

Read the full article and more about the Sumner Specialized Physical Therapy staff in the July 29, 2020 Statesman-Examiner.