The Bulldogs will fight on

Chris Rader
Staff Writer

Coach Finley to
keep eye on team

Kettle Falls football had to forfeit their game this week against Northwest Christian in the name of player safety, according to Bulldogs head coach-athletic director Loren Finley.
“Assessing this team early in the week I thought we would still play on Friday, we would forfeit the varsity match and play a JV match, but after seeking council and guidance with others, I felt there was no wisdom in that.”
KFHS, already experiencing low turnout this fall for the football program, suffered numerous injuries the week before against Springdale and did not have enough players to safely compete against Northwest Christian. Missing this week’s game has some advantages for the Bulldogs, according to coach Finley.
“We are able to get three players back healthy that will be able to help us on the field. We are able to protect the players we have left in the program, and the program itself.”
The upcoming game on September 29 against Reardan is still on, and there is an agreement in place to protect player safety with RHS.
“Reardan has told us they will work with us 100 percent,” said Finley. He added, “They want our kids and their kids on the field and we have the opportunity to play football, and that everyone is safe.”