Bob Jones reflects on Alaska Highway 100th anniversary trip

KATIE LEITHEAD | Statesman-Examiner
S-E Staff Reporter

Bob Jones is back in town. He returned from his Alaska Highway adventure late October with a truck full of souvenirs and hours of stories to tell.

When asked if the trip was worth his time, Jones said “Absolutely.”

Jones loves to drive in the northern county where the landscape is gorgeous any time of the year.

Hitting the Alaska Highway in September, when the leaves were changing into crisp yellows and oranges, was “gorgeous.”

In 1967, Jones and a pair of his friends drove to Alaska on what was coincidentally the 25th anniversary of the Alaska Highway. In honor of the 50th anniversary Jones and friends made the drive again in 1992.

At the time, Jones said, “In the unlikely event I'm alive in 2017, I'm going to find me an old military rig and I'm taking it to Fairbanks[ Alaska] to commemorate the 75th anniversary of that highway.”

Now he has successfully done just that with his military 1942 Dodge Caravan, affectionately referred to as the Trail of '42.

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