Blazing Saddles a success!

K. S. Brooks
Staff Writer

This past weekend during Rendezvous Days, the Rotary Club of Colville sponsored the Blazing Saddles Bike Ride. Cycling enthusiasts came from all over to participate, including Mike and Shelly Adams from Nelson, BC. It was their first year participating in the ride, and they found out about it from friends in Nelson who had participated in previous years. “It is the most beautiful route,” Mrs. Adams said. “Just gorgeous.”
Chris McCartney, who works in Colville, rode the 62-mile route with his son Spencer of Spokane Valley. “It’s got decent climbs that keep you honest,” he said.
This year, there were between 70 and 75 riders, and there was no winner, per se. The volunteers at the finish line referred to the course as a ride, not a race. Despite that, some people were competitive, but most of the riders simply enjoyed the courses, and the food, beverages, and massages that were awaiting them at the finish line. There were three different routes from which to choose: a 40-mile, 62-mile (metric hundred), and 100-mile. The latter two took riders along the Columbia River through Marcus and Kettle Falls on their way back to the finish line in Yep Kanum Park.
In addition to the Rotary members volunteering throughout the course, Michael and Donna Blackmon of Stevens County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) were manning radio communications at the finish line. They provided each rest stop with their own radio in case anyone on the course ran into a problem or an injury. In that instance, “a rider can alert the volunteers at the rest stop who will radio over to me. I can then notify the folks at the finish line, so they can respond to the emergency,” Mr. Blackmon explained. He continued, “Radio signals are imperative in areas like Stevens County where in a lot of places, there is no cell service.”
In addition to the Rotary Club, over 40 local businesses sponsored the bike ride this year, including Northern Ales, Empire Health, Colville Pour House, Benny’s Colville Inn, McGrane & Schuerman, PLLC, and Comfort Inn Colville, for starters.
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