Bear spotted in Colville neighborhood

Staff Writer

This morning from Staci Lehman, communications manager for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife staff has received multiple reports of bears frequenting a Colville neighborhood recently and are asking for the help of citizens to try to resolve this unsafe situation.

Officers have stepped up patrols in the area of east 10th Avenue from Cedar Street to Madison Street and Department conflict specialists have responded to the area several times but have been unsuccessful in tracking the bears as they usually come at night to take advantage of easy food sources including unsecured garbage.

Please help us reach residents to ask that they do their part in this effort by storing garbage in garages or other buildings, not feeding pets outside, and putting away other attractants such as bird feeders and barbecues with food residue on them. As long as these kinds of food sources are available, bears will continue to frequent areas they shouldn’t be in. There are also laws that prohibit people from leaving food or food waste where it can attract bears or other animals. While we prefer that people voluntarily secure garbage and other food sources, the law allows a fine of up to $87 for feeding bears in Washington.

WDFW staff are here to help citizens. Those with bear or other wildlife concerns are encouraged to call us at (509) 892-1001.