240 wildland and vegetation fires caused by fireworks in 2015

Washington state Fire Marshal Charles M. Duffy announced June 28 that in 2015 there were 240 fires caused by fireworks. Wildland and vegetation fires accounted for 193, or 80 percent, of all fireworks caused fires. These firework caused fires resulted in $12,555 of loss and damages.
While discharging fireworks, a small fire can easily get out of control if the fuels (grass and other vegetation) are present, according to Duffy.

If a firework comes into contact with a vegetated area, people are asked to use a hose or a bucket of water to heavily soak the area. This makes sure that there are no hot spots that could rekindle later.
The State Fire Marshal’s Office reports that a person found responsible for starting a wildland fire with fireworks can be required to pay restitution for the fire suppression costs and damages caused by the fire. This cost could be in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. 

Duffy reminds the community about the three B's of fireworks safety: be prepared by always having water nearby and pets indoors, be safe by having adults light the fireworks and be responsible by cleaning up firework debris.