2017 Flooding

Photos and story by Kevin Thomas Hulten of the Statesman-Examiner.

Flood warnings expired last weekend leaving those impacted by flood damage to start the long and difficult process of recovery. Many affected residents are eligible for State and Federal relief including direct aid, grants and loans.

Last Monday, Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) declared a State of Emergency across 20 flood-plagued Eastern Washington counties. The declaration opens up increased avenues of disaster relief to flood- impacted Stevens County residents, both financial and otherwise.
According to disasterassistance.gov, a website maintained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), victims of the recent flooding may be eligible for more than 30 immediate types of relief, including loans, grants, deferrals and subsidies.
In addition, specialized relief packages are available to different sectors of the populace.
For example, rural farms owners may qualify for direct aid in the form of financial assistance to recompense lost crops and/or equipment.
In addition to the possibility of direct disaster aid, local small business owners are eligible for Federal Low-Interest Disaster Loans disbursed by the Small Business Administration, as well as multiple tax deferral options offered by the IRS.
Other examples of specific aid packages include funds designate for current or retired service members and/or their dependents; retirees, disabled persons, any persons forced to relocate as a result of flooding and rural property and/or home owners.
For more information on State and Federal Flood Aid, visit disasterassistance.org.