Reader Interaction

What would you name the east half of Washington if it became a new state?

Last year the Statesman-Examiner asked readers if they thought Washington State should be split in two. The majority of readers voted yes. The suggested popular name for the new state is Liberty. Do you like the name Liberty State? If not, do you have your own suggestion for a new state's name?

What are your thoughts on soda taxes?

If there was a statewide soda tax in Washington, like the one implemented in Seattle, would you be dissuaded from purchasing drinks (ie. soda, energy drinks, juice) or would you incorporate the extra cost in your budget?

How would you describe your community?

Whether you consider your community just your home town or the entire county, how would you describe it to a stranger?

What is the best way to spend Christmas Eve?

Everyone has their own traditions, what is yours? Do you watch old Christmas movies with the family while sipping hot chocolate? Wrapping presents last minute? Do you read Bible verses to your children? How do you celebrate the day before Christmas?

How goes the Christmas shopping?

There are only 25 days left until Christmas! How are you doing on your holiday shopping? Do you shop a month out, last minute or all year long? Is one method more beneficial than the others? Tell us your shopping secrets!

How do you prepare a turkey?

Whether it's for the upcoming holiday or for a regular meal, what are your tips and tricks to cooking a turkey?

Thanksgiving signature dish

Do you have a Thanksgiving signature dish you make every year? If so, what is it?

Do you believe there will be any changes to U.S. gun laws because of these mass shootings?

Two of the five deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history happened in the last 35 days, one in Las Vegas, Nevada on Oct. 1 and one in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Nov. 5. Do you believe there will be any changes to U.S. gun laws because of these mass shootings?

How do you celebrate Halloween?

How do you celebrate Halloween?

Is your house the one decorated like a haunted house? Does your family participate in area pumpkin carving and costume contests? Do you eagerly wait for tricker treaters in a spooky costume of your own? Do you binge watch scary movies? Are you a curmudgeon who wishes the holiday would leave you be?