Tie vote fails new water rates for 501(c)3s with irrigation

S-E Staff Reporter

Colville City Council failed to pass the ordinance amending the 501(c)3 irrigation water rate at their March 28 meeting.

Council approved of the additional 25 percent rate reduction for 501(c)3s with irrigation for a two-year pilot program in a four to two vote during their March 14 meeting.

The vote came down to four council members in favor of the additional rate reduction and two against. At the time, council member Nancy Foll was not present to vote.

Last week, the makeup of the council was different, with council member Chris Loggers absent instead of Foll. When voting to pass the ordinance amending water rates, the vote was splint in a tie. Council members Anne Lawson, Mallory Conner and Micheal Birch voted in favor of the ordinance.

While the tie vote killed the motion at the March 28 meeting, Lawson said she was already planning to bring the issue back before council.

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